A l’état sauvage

A l’état Sauvage was a Masterclass in visual arts organised by Nick Andrews & Nadia Naveau, march 2015.
The one week masterclass took place in an abandoned metal-factory from the 19th century, in Tronçais, France. Students from different artistic practices where selected to make work inspired by these surroundings.

During the project I made two different works. I also did the graphic design of the poster and invitation and made a documentary film in which all the works and artists are featured.




Letat sauvage front


Work#1 is a restauration piece, recovered from the broken windows of a graffiti work on the site.


Work #2 is an effort to curate a group-show inside the factory. I started painting white canvasses directly onto the walls and invited all other artists to join and make a painting in the ‘permanent collection’.