Sui Moon

Sui Moon is an extensive collaboration between visual artists Maika Garnica, Senne Claes & Chakky Kato. Having found each other through the language of sound, they have put together an oeuvre of ‘audio sculptures’ to explore the boundaries of the auditive and visual worlds they create.

涙 – Namida (2019)

‘涙’ or ‘Namida’ is a handmade glass audio sculpture, literaly translated as ‘teardrop’. Each sculpture with it’s own unique shape contains a full album, plus two video’s that were shown during the release event in Crying Space, Antwerp.

Gravity has no Friends (2017)

Gravity has no Friends was born as a performance in Forbidden City, Antwerp. Recordings from the performance and rehearsals were released as a series of sculptures, each containing a download code and presented at ‘Multiplied’, an open call exposition for multiples in Antwerp.

Traces to Nowhere (2016)

Traces to Nowhere is a limited edition 7″ flexi disc with slikscreened, handmade transparent cover and insert.
The soundpiece is originally made to accompany a video where Maika Garnica, Senne Claes and Chakky Kato create a series of artistic interventions and performances in the public space of Ostend.